Things a woman must have in her 30s

Things a woman must have in her 30s

If you experimented with your style while you was 20-25 years old, you should discover a perfect style for you. Something that makes you happy when you look yourself in the mirror. Equally are appreciated these comments that you get while you are walking down the street! Well, you decide what are you going to wear, and how you want to look, but there are some things you just must have!

1. The first thing you must have is a suit made just for you! It will tell other people, that you are a serious woman, who knows what she want. Besides this, you can wear this type of clothes in any occasion, from your shopping to your business meetings. In any occasion, you will look just perfect!

2. Winter coat is something you also must have! Yes, you can buy another coat every year, but it is good to have one that defines you!

3. Every day you can find a new perfume on the market. Their advertisement is just perfect, so you may want to try them all, but you must have one perfume that defines your personality!

4. The watch is also very important. Some man will pay attention to your watch, and try to discover what person you are, by looking at your watch. The best solution is simply to choose some watch that reflects your personality.

5. Having a lot of jewelry is a dream, but you must have one bracelet or necklace, that you will wear all the time. It doesn’t have to be something expensive, just buy something you really like.