“Gilmore Girls” reunion

“Gilmore Girls” reunion

This has been one of the most popular TV shows over the past couple of years, especially among women and most of them were anxious to know if there’s going to be any reunion. The cast of this popular show reunited for the ATX Festival where they talked about this show and they talked about the relationship between three generations of women.

The daughter was played by gorgeous Alexis Bledel, the mother was played by Lauren Graham and a grandmother was played by Kelly Bishop, all of them are extremely talented and amazing actresses.

Fans went totally crazy once they have seen the members of their favorite show, and they couldn’t help but ask if there is going to be any reunion.
Ms. Sherman-Palladino said that they still have no plans when it comes to this reunion but she said that in case someone suggests that and she sees that it is the right time for something like that, she would be willing to participate in it.

She also added that in case something like that happens, that she will do her best to make it right.
Fans were also curious about the relationship between Lorelai and Luke Daines and they wondered if anything happened between the two of them.

Mr. Patterson, who plays Luke Daines said that there are two scenarios. The first one is that he simply stayed in town and the other one is that he closed the diner and moved to the other part of the town.

Lauren on the other hand was more optimistic, she said that she is 100 percent sure that two of them are together.