Did Nick Jonas & Olivia Culpo Called It Quits

 Did Nick Jonas & Olivia Culpo Called It Quits

Over the last couple of days there have been lots of rumors regarding Nick Jonas relationship with his girlfriend of two years Olivia Culpo. According to various reports, the two are currently facing hardship in their relationship and as a result, they were not hand in hand during a recent trip which they made to New York. During their trip, Olivia stayed at Manhattan while Jonas was seen enjoying a nice lunch with his friends at West Village.

In fact some even claim that the two, 22-year old Nick Jonas and 22-year old Olivia Culpo, have called it quits. Given that neither Jonas nor Culpo’s camp has come forward to confirm or deny the reports, many believe that the rumors are actually true. But are they? Here is what we know regarding the relationship between the two. 

The two are actually very much in love.

“Jonas and Olivia are not broken up,” a source close to the pair told Hollywood Life. “They are actually very fine and happy with their relationship at the moment. There is no trouble in paradise, the two just happen at different locations and very busy a the moment,” the source added.

Thanks to the source we also get to find out why the two arrived in New York together but were not hand in hand. 

According to the source, “The two have a very busy schedule and that schedule saw them being in New York at the same time.”

At the moment Jonas is busy in New York promoting his new movie and he made a stop for lunch to eat during a very crazy day for him.