Courteney Cox Talks About Her Daughter Coco

Courteney Cox Talks About Her Daughter Coco

They tend to grow up so fast. 

Just a few years back the world was introduced to a beautiful Coco Arquette, Courteney Cox beautiful and adorable daughter, fast forward a few years and she is now a beautiful girl going to her teens. Her mom, Courteney Cox, has also joked about the fact that her daughter is actually growing up too fast. While speaking to Hollywood Life, the 50-year old actress opens up about her now 10-year old daughter with husband David Arquette and how first she has grown and from the looks of things the little prices and her mom and not that different. 

“She’s into so much right now,” Courteney Cox said while referring to how busy her little princess is. “It’s like she is 30 but not!”

Courteney Cox, a former “Friends” star also went on to point out that, Coco, despite her growing up so fast, loves sleepovers. 

“She loves sleepovers! Me, not so much, I like when the night is over at 9PM! When it gets to 2AM its gets a little much!” One thing about the two that is ever so evident is the fact that Coco, 10, looks a lot like her mom Courteney Cox. 

As expected, the 10-year old is involved in planning Courteney Cox’s wedding, and according to Courteney Cox, who will be walking down the aisle for a second time, Coco will be right by her side as she slowly walks down the aisle.